What would you think of joining a group of ten people maximum this summer (here it lasts from May to October) at an inspiring spot in the Ardennes to have a team of professionals help you get totally up to date in the field of strategic communication? No, and not just learn about the theory of course. You also  work on a concrete project focused on where you want or need to go with your job or have already arrived. There will be plenty of nice things to eat and drink and it promises to be a lot of fun.

            We will be welcoming you on Monday morning at ten and waving goodbye on Friday afternoon at two. You will leave with a lot of extra baggage, very useful and concrete theoretical knowledge in the field of communication and how to apply it in practice at work. You will have made a lot of progress on  the project you arrived with and maybe even finished it. And you will have expanded your network with extremely useful and hopefully nice and friendly contacts.

Look at the bottom of this page to see which weeks still have vacancies.


Monday is all about the foundation of all communication, the message house. What are the core and sub-messages you need and want to communicate? How do you construct a message house in such a way that you can derive all the other communication from it? How do you make sure expressions of communication are consistent and everyone is using the same terminology?

On Tuesday the focus is on authenticity in communication. Only if it is authentic can communication be effective, come across and achieve the desired result. But what is the best way to demonstrate authenticity? How do you turn what is implicit into something explicit? And another aspect that is not unimportant, what do you show of yourself?      

Wednesday is devoted to how we communicate ourselves.  How do we keep control of the conversation? You can also choose from a variety of workshops on writing, imagery, and budget issues if you happen to have a business.

On Thursday you work on the case you arrived with. You have worked on it in the past few days on your own or under our supervision, but today you are going to use the knowledge you have acquired and take the next step. And in the afternoon, of course not until after you have had a presentation training, you present your project to the group. After all, that is what you are going to have to do back at the office.

On Friday everything comes together and you finish off the details. You  activate your joint network. Who needs what? Who knows exactly the right person to do what someone else is looking for? We aim for the Pippi effect, 3 x 3 = 12. And then we wave goodbye.

What you get

# In one week, nine modules focused on theory as well as practice (the case you arrived with)

# Morning programme 8.30 – 12.00/ Lunch / Free 12.00 – 3.00/ Afternoon programme 3.00 – 7.00 / Dinner 8.30 / free after dinner

# Accommodations in a beautiful building in the Ardennes, complete catering

# Personal supervision by professionals and a lot to learn from colleagues

# Network of activating each other

# Price €2500 plus VAT

7N60 Academy weeks

3 July – 7 July 2017, 10 vacancies

24 July – 28 July 2017, full

28 August – 1 September 2017, 8 vacancies

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